And Then They Were Gone was published in the spring of 2018. Since then, the book has garnered awards, award nominations, and praise. The book was most recently nominated for a Northern California Book Award in 2019.

Awards & Nominations

The history this book (And Then They Were Gone) recounts is in the public domain. What it adds is humanity, bringing names and statistics to life. The writing is beautiful, passionate, yet objective. Overall, this is an excellent read.

Nonfiction Authors Book Award

Articles & Press Mentions

This book humanizes such a horrific tragedy by inviting readers to become well acquainted with these teenagers – so many of whom were killed in the mass murder-suicide. Before they were victims of a crazed religious leader, they were just kids – with the hopes and dreams common to children everywhere. By reading about them, we honor their memories.

Julia Scheeres, LA Review Of Books

The book started out to honor the students and have people know who they were,” Bebelaar says, “but as it progressed it became a way of healing for me.

Judy Bebelaar, co-author of And Then They Were Gone

In 1976 I taught at a public alternative school in San Francisco, Opportunity High, the brainchild of a group of idealistic young teachers led by Marcia Perlstein. That year, Jim Jones sent all of the high-school age children from Peoples Temple to our small school. These 120 students changed the school and our lives forever, first by their arrival, then by their exodus. Within nine months, all of them were gone, most never to return.

Judy Bebelaar, co-author of And Then They Were Gone